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Medicare Parts A & B

Unfortunately, medicare alone (Parts A & B) is not adequate to cover the costs of medical coverage and leaves many gaps in its' coverage. CLICK HERE to view the benefits from Medicare. As you can see, it is necessary to have "GAP" or "SUPPLEMENT" insurance. The government (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has defined 10 standardized plans to fill in the gaps. They are known as plan A to J. Statewide Insurance can help you determine which plan is appropriate for you. CLICK HERE to see the supplement (gap) plans as defined by CMS. The medicare gaps are filled by the supplement plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans - Part C

Another way to deal with the gaps in original Medicare (Parts A & B) is to purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). These plans are offered by private insurance companies.  The plans must provide Medicare (Parts A & B) Benefits, but usually cover most of the gaps, if not all of them. Typically, they offer benefits which exceed this requirement. Most of these plans come in the form of HMO's or PPO's and have extremely low premiums to the policy holder. Some plans have no premium at all. Usually the prescription medication (Part D) is included in the Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans are controlled by the government and is paid for by them. In this way, the medical coverage is controlled by the private company and not by the government directly. Typically, this is the most affordable type of coverage for those enrolled in parts A & B of Medicare.

The following companies are represented by Statewide Insurance Company in Florida:

Company Supplemental Benefits Part C Benefits Part D Benefits
Aetna   X X
Coventry   X X
Genworth X    
Humana   X X
Mutual of Omaha X    
AvMed   X X

Guaranteed Acceptance

AARP Medicare Supplement products now uses Guaranteed Acceptance. Are stuck in the "death spiral" with your Medicare Supplement? Because of underwriting, you cannot move to the newer, less expensive plans available? Now you can change plans to take advantage of better premiums regardless of your health issues.

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