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Life Settlements
( Life Insurance Policies can be a significant source of cash)

Don't Lapse your policy and walk away. Sell it and keep it's value for yourself

When Should You Consider Selling Your Life Insurance Policy?

Policy ready to lapse or likely future surrender
Retirement cash needs
Cannot afford premium payments
Family Issues
Children raised and gone - no longer need
Need for different coverage
Death of Beneficiary
Health deteriorated & need cash
Sale of Business that held policy
Divorce or bankruptcy
Need for cash to fund long term care, supplemental health care or an annuity

Who Is Eligible?

Age 65 and older with significantly deteriorated health
Policies with death benefit over $100,000
Permanant policies and convertible term policies
Policies that have been in force at least 2 years

Questions to Ask Yourself

• Have your family circumstances changed?
• Have the projected income needs of your heirs changed?
• Has the projected need for estate liquity changed?
• Has the suitability of your insurance policies changed?
• Has the performance of your life insurance policies changed?
• Has the affordability of your life insurance policies changed?
• Has the ownership structure of your business changed?
• Has the suitability of the insurance policies that fund your buy-sell agreement changed?

• Has your nest egg shrunk due to poor investments or an unforseen cash drain?


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